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Members that purchase one or more of the low-cost monthly subscription a la carte health and wellness Benefit Boost Membership plans enjoy discounts and services that enhance their daily health and wellness and overall healthy lifestyle. Benefit Boost offers a variety of types of non-insurance services to complement any traditional insurance plan or employee benefit package. These non-insurance services include Virtual Urgent Care Visits, Virtual Talk Therapy Visits, Virtual Primary Care Physician Visits, Dental Discounts, Prescription and Pet Prescription Discounts, Free Vitamins and Identity Theft discounts. To begin your subscription, simply Enroll using our incredibly simple online enrollment application. See below for more details on how the enrollment application works. Contact Us for any questions regarding the a la carte Benefit Boost Subscription plans or to Enroll. We will be happy to assist you and get you on your way to Boost Your Health!


What is the Application Process to Become a Member?

The simple to enroll online application takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Initial Enrollment Application Steps:

Choosing an a la carte Benefit Boost Subscription Plan:.
The prospective member can review product descriptions, brochures, plan cost when choosing the appropriate membership program to fit their needs. Once selected, the member will enter the rest of the demographic information on the Enroll Page where it asks name, date of birth, contact info, address (residence and mailing if different). The next page will be the desired effective date and any required qualifying question based on the plans you chose to add to enhance your membership. The prospective member will then add the monthly billing payment details, and once CONTINUE is selected, an email is sent to the member to complete the final steps of the online enrollment including verification, review of application, acceptance of disclaimers and to e-sign the enrollment application.

Important Note regarding help from a licensed insurance agent on enrollment:
If you choose, you can have a licensed insurance agent who is contracted with HealthyAmerica to help with the initial enrollment step. You will be able to verify everything the agent helped to enter on the application on your behalf including the demographics, plan selection, billing information during the verification and e-signature step. You will be able to make any necessary edits on any incorrect information during your review. If you choose not to finalize the application, just don't complete the e-signature part and hit submit. Once the application e-signature is completed and application is submitted, it will be processed.

Verification & E-Signature Steps:

Once the application has been submitted, the prospective member will receive an email in order to complete the final application process step, the electronic signature. The prospective member will review the entire application for accuracy and then agree to the required disclaimers and acknowledgements from Benefit Boost. At the end of the application review and the acknowledgements and disclaimers section, the prospective member will then e-sign the application if they choose to finalize and enroll in the membership plan(s) they have selected. If this e-signature IS NOT COMPLETED by the prospective member, then the application is not finalized and will not become an active membership. The member must review, verify and e-sign the application for it to move forward and become active and then the new member will be drafted for the initial membership plan cost(s). Once the member completes the e-signature, a PDF of the signed enrollment application(s) along with the member guide(s) for the subscription plan(s) the member enrolled will be made available to them at the end of the verification and e-signature process as well as the Member Portal.

Membership Portal Registration:

The new member will receive an email notification with a copy of their Digital ID Membership Card(s) and a link to register for the Member Portal. Once registered, the member will be able to view their electronic fulfillment documents including a copy of their digital Membership ID card(s), a section on how to use the services, Membership Guides for all membership plans enrolled, and the final signed copies of their Benefit Boost Membership application. The e-signature on the enrollment application(s) show the IP address, date and time the new member signed the application. After the application process is complete and the initial draft has been collected and cleared from the bank or credit card vendor, then the member will receive a welcome letter explaining how to access the Member Portal to download their Membership materials including the Digital ID card and Member Guide and information for billing inquiries. This welcome letter also highlights the membership plan(s) the member enrolled along with the membership plan(s) Member ID# and effective date the membership plan(s) go into effect. A member can Call Customer Service for any help regarding the services available to them, member portal help, and billing help. Our Customer Service Department is there to help you with all your Membership needs.

ID Cards and Welcome Letter:

You will receive a welcome letter in the mail. The welcome letter also gives instructions on how to access your Member Guide(s), digital ID card(s), and more. The welcome letter also will highlight your effective date and give you the Benefit Boost Subscription Membership ID number. Important Note about Benefit Boost Subscription plan ID cards: All of the a la carte health and wellness Benefit Boost Subscription plan ID Cards will only be available as a Digital ID Card available to download to your phone, tablet, or to print from the Member Portal. This helps keep the subscription plan cost down on these low-cost valued subscription services.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

If you are not completely satisfied with your Benefit Boost Membership plan, please call your Personal Member Concierge at 866-438-4274. We will be happy to issue a complete refund of membership dues within the first thirty (30) days. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Benefit Boost Subscription benefits and services. Note: This membership is separate from any other insurance or supplemental plans you have purchased. Please contact your agent for any plans other than the a la carte health and wellness non-insurance Benefit Boost Subscription plans. If you are canceling, please make sure to cancel using our cancellation phone number at 866.438.4274 or our cancellation form located at Please do not cancel through your agent. Cancel directly with your Personal Member Concierge to make sure your cancellation request is handled promptly and correctly. We showcase the code UBA GAP and our number 866-438-4274 on all transactions (shown all together like this UBAGAP8664384274) on your account statement, and it is your responsibility to check the transactions occurring on your account every month and to cancel with us when desired. Every month we pay for the membership services on your behalf, whether you use the membership services.

I want to Start the Enrollment Process:

If you have any questions about this application process or would like help to get enrolled, Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you, or you can go straight to the quoting and enrollment page to begin the process.